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Interior Design


With the cost of new builds being so high, a good alternative for those spaces that haven't evolved with your family needs is to renovate your existing space. In some way a major renovation or addition can be even more stressful than a new build. Often times our existing homes hold important family memories and newly bought homes are still whole and budgets are restricted. Renovations pose a unique design challenge perfect for JSD Interiors, we not only work with your unique set of parameters but also guide you through this process in the most budget friendly way that also adds functional, aesthetic and monetary value to your home in warm, family oriented way.

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Our Process

What Our Clients Say

Renovation FAQ

When should I contact an interior designer during a renovation?

As soon as possible!

Interior Designers should be involved in a renovation prior to finalization of architectural plans and preferably before council submissions. The majority of architectural plans are created to form spaces with a main focus on the exterior, size, plumbing, storm water and estate limitations- however, many architects fail to detail the layouts of areas well like kitchens, sculleries, pantries, bathrooms & built in cabinetry and the spatial relationships those rooms have to functionality. There is often a badly placed window, poor relationship between rooms or functional layout that may need restructuring and could affect areas with which the architect is concerned, like plumbing, floor levels, window placement, internal wall placement, internal door placements etc. It also means the electrical and lighting layouts can be detailed ahead of time. This not only saves the cost of resubmission to council, but also allows all vendors to quote accurately, and gives the builder completely accurate plans. It also allows creative minds to come together to benefit the client & the end product so that functionality and aesthetics seamlessly work together for both the interior and exterior.   

How long do the design take?

Each renovation project is unique- some may take longer, when the entire house is redesigned, and some may be much faster because it's only one or two rooms. For a larger renovation it takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete the full design phase. The full interior design from conceptualization to detailed design drawings ready for quotation & procurement take approximately 8 to 12 weeks depending on client response rate, changes and architect approval- this estimation is based on a total house renovation. 

Week 1-3: Briefing & conceptualization/schematics/mood boards/floorplan options

Week 2-8: Design Development, 3D modelling, presentation & changes, final floor plans for architect.

Weeks 8-12: Detailed Technical Drawings ready for full quotation; electrical layout, lighting layout, celling layout, detailed floor plans, kitchen and bathroom elevations, cabinetry details, including client changes. 

Weeks: 12-16: Décor Schedule & quotations.

Please Enquire for more information on what the presentations, detail drawings, décor schedules, quotations look like- this is just an estimate and each project has unique parameters, styles and clients- thus this timeline is merely an estimate, but includes multiple presentations, changes & architect approval and changes.

What are the benifits of having an interior designer?

interior design is a multidisciplinary art, designers are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that simply can't come from any other part of the building industry. For this reason, they tie together wide-ranging expertise with an aesthetic sense that many other professionals lack. Simply put, aesthetics and efficiency are linked to one another; function and aesthetics will be greatly enhanced.  A house should represent much more than just a dwelling. The ultimate goal is to inject this environment with a sense of personality, enabling your personal preferences to shine through. Not only is an interior design there to oversee that the project is executed to the highest possible standard, but they give you process to the latest technology, finishes and design that increase the total value of your property; this in turn can avoid costly mistakes, brought on by poor workmanship, questionable suppliers and contractors or poor design considerations. An interior designer provides a service that greatly enhances your entire lifestyle.

How do your costs work?

We charge a design fee and project management as sperate services and fees. Some clients may want design only, some want the full package. We charge for the hours spent designing & sourcing all FF&E your house, and you will be given a customized all-inclusive design fee for the design development & quotation phases. Thereafter project management is a separate fee charged proportionally on the elements of the build that JSD Interiors will be overseeing. 

What information does the designer need to give you a quotation?

We will need the following to form an accurate quotation for you:

1. All architectural plans in PDF or CAD (2015) format, including floor plans, elevations, sections, window/door schedules and any architectural 3D renderings of the exterior.

2. Any photographs of the existing house.

3. Any inspirational images of the style you are looking for- gathered from Pinterest, Houzz, magazines, Instagram, etc.

4. A brief: An over all description of the location of the build, an over all description of who is going to be occupying the building, what you looking for functionally and aesthetically in each space, and any special features in each room, and your overall budget for the project. This can be done through a site meeting in person, or if you are browsing a detailed email brief or telephone conversations will suffice for the design fee quotation phase. 

Are your services flexible?

We create our quotations based on individual client needs. For renovations we are happy to combine a number of services you may require; this includes interior design, interior decorating and project management which can all be utilized separately or packaged together. We do suggest that for large renovations you use the full service option to get the best possible results and have a creative problem available for the whole build- as with most renovations there can be surprising and unexpected problems that relate to the existing building. We do not push you to work with our specific suppliers only, we are open to working with your team. Please call us to discuss your unique needs.

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